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GameGuardian APK

Game Guardian

Enjoy Limitless Gaming by Cracking Android Games!

8.68.5 for Android 枫影(尹湘中)
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Game Guardian is an game hacker app to let you enjoy playing a game with a lot of added advantages. Game Guardian APK allows users to easily crack a difficult game, alter the speed or get improvements and benefits.

Game Guardian APK lets one meddle with certain parts of a game so that a user may get unlimited currency, extended lives, etc. One can edit the number of lives we have in a game too. If it’s only a limited number, the app allows users to change it to any number they want with the help of the ‘hexadecimal editor’.

The speed of a game can also be accelerated or decelerated, depending on the user’s preferences. The GameGuardian app works on all different sorts of emulators like Droid4X, NOX, BlueStacks, etc. and gives users the ability to search for the unknown as well as encrypted values.

The working of the app is such that it runs in the background as one plays a game and has a small icon always displayed on the screen. The basis on which it works is ‘code injection’, which helps users make alterations to the factors they want to.

Another useful feature contributing to many cases of GameGuardian APK download is that it allows one to alter the flow of time and directly affects the internal clock of the app. This is an advantage as Game Guardian app allows one to get certain level ups and upgrades which are only made available after a certain time period has passed.

The GameGuardian for Android devices gives users the ability to modify and filter out the results based on whether the values are higher or lower than other players and even lets us search for definite values.


  • Modify parameters in a game easily.
  • Works on almost all emulators.
  • Alter the timings to earn boost ups.
  • Speed up or slow down the game.
  • Customizable interface to make it attractive.
  • User-friendly and allows one to change all results together.
  • Specifies difference in values.
  • Reduced memory usage.

Users should keep in mind that in order to install and use the Game Guardian APK their device has to be rooted, otherwise, the app won’t work.

Name: GameGuardian
Developer: 枫影(尹湘中)
App Version: v8.68.5
App Size: 16.8 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 2.3.3 & Higher
Category: Tools > General
License Type: Free
Downloads: 31,000,000+

Download Game Guardian APK for Android devices as it is comprehensive and all-in-one app to provide assistance and help you achieve victory in whichever game you play.


  • A device must be rooted.

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